Elder Joseph Eads

Elder Joseph Eads

Thursday, April 2, 2015

He has arrived!

Mom post:

Joe left Provo, Utah early on Monday morning March 30 for the long 16 hour flight to Seoul, South Korea,  They awoke at 3:30 am to be packed and ready for the hour long drive to the Salt Lake City airport.  Joe was able to give us a quick call at the airport there and then he was called to have his passport checked.  He then flew to Seattle Washington for his connection there to Seoul, South Korea.

We were able to have a long conversation there where he was able to speak to us in Korean, tell us a bit about his excitement for going on this great adventure and then sticking to the rules hanging up at the appointed time limit for calls.

Here are a a photo from the Seattle airport.

He then arrived in Korea on Tuesday, March 31 around 3:30 pm Korean time.  He was able to send us this short email.

"Hey- I'm safe and sound in Korea!   I love you and no need to ever worry about me!"

(Ha, ha, he will understand the worry of a parent one day.) 

Then today I received an email from the Mission office with these pictures.

Elder Eads' new companion and President and Sister Morriese

New arriving missionaries and their new companions.

New arriving missionaries to Korea, Seoul South Mission.  Yeah, he kind of stands out!

I believe his new preparation day, the day he will be able to write emails home will now be on Mondays.  So look for new blog posts after that!

Wishing all who read this a Happy and Joyous Easter!
Please click on the link below and watch this short Easter message!

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