Elder Joseph Eads

Elder Joseph Eads

Thursday, February 19, 2015

ALOHA....I mean "anyoung-ha-say-yo"

Yesterday marked my third week being here at the Missionary Training Center. A lot has happened since the first week. Yes the language is still just as hard and retaining all the information I have learned has shown to be quite the challenge. 

Every Wednesday new missionaries enter the MTC and yesterday the district I am in was asked to "host" the incoming people. Which means we show them where to go to get there mission materials and so forth. We also briefly talk to the family when they arrive. One thing that definitely hit me hard was the true love and concern these parents have for their child- especially the moms when they're saying goodbye to their daughters. I saw huge SUV's come rolling in packed with 10+ people because only one vehicle is allowed per missionary. 

Eight new Korean speaking missionaries were admitted which means I'm no longer a younin'. Last Sunday I was released as district leader (overseeing 9 missionaries) and asked to lead as Zone Leader, meaning I oversee the whole zone equaling 50+ missionaries with the help of another Zone Leader. I'm honored that they trust me with that many people....ha ha ha.

The picture below is me and the whole Native Korean missionaries who have already left the MTC. It was a wonderful experience becoming friends with them even though they know very little English. A funny experience happened when we were talking about the trains and buses in Korean and how the average height of the ceiling there is about 6'. That's GREAT news for me seeing how I'm 6'7"- not. The funny thing was when I asked, "Did you have to duck getting on the bus?"...they all looked at me very confused and said unanimously, "Duck?". All the English speakers had a great laugh and I explained to them that we were not talking about the animal, but the motion of crouching. 

Thank you for your support, I love the letters and gifts! Keep em' coming ;)

My quote for you today is one that was said by Sister Bell in my district:

"Stop forgetting to forget yourself" - I took that to heart. Always look for opportunities to be kind and think of others before thinking of yourself. I love you all!

PS: I got Steve's email. He is BEAUTIFUL!  (Mom's note here: Rachael, Joe's sister, gave birth to Ethan Orlando Howell at 3:08 am this morning and Steve was able to send Joe an email with a picture of his newest nephew.)

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