Elder Joseph Eads

Elder Joseph Eads

Monday, April 6, 2015

Wow...South Korea...wow...

Hello all!

Let's just say, I know I am in a different country. I am living in an area called An Song. Very similar to New York City but...Korean...everywhere.  It is Monday, 1:06 pm and I am in a PC Cafe here that is hard to keep my eyes open in due to the smoke haze. 

This past week has been a crazy busy one. We have had three lessons- two of them was with investigators and the other one was with a deaf less-active member. His name is Kim Se Young. We used the bishop's iPad to teach him because obviously he wouldn't have been able to hear anything that we were saying. After the lesson, the bishop requested for us to learn Su Hwa in order to help Kim Se Young. Su Hwa is KSL (Korean Sign Language)- A completely different sign language than ASL. I'm soo excited for this. 

My companions name is Elder Burton from Syracuse, Utah.  I spent the first day and half in the mission home. The first few days here are just a blurr, I was so tired!

I now understand why some missionaries have a hard time once they get in the field. It is tough! Nobody really knows English and if they do its very broken. I absolutely love Korea though. This place is sooo cool. 

The pictures below is me and my MTC group on the plane.

 The other pictures are the view I have from my apartment and the blue mat...is my bed, and then my study desk.

 It's great!!! I knew my sleeping arrangements would be something like this when I got here so it wasn't a surprise. The people of Korea are so great. I love this place.  

The food here is amazing. I think about you all, all the time. I tell so many stories to my companion. Life is great.

Stay strong!

Mom Post:
Joe sent many photos of his last days in the MTC and of the group traveling over.  Here are a few:

So the best way to clean a water bottle is not to put literally
 25 squirts  of soap and let the water run and leave haha 

Air plane food

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