Elder Joseph Eads

Elder Joseph Eads

Monday, August 3, 2015

I never sweated so much in my life...

This past week was hot hot hot. I am constantly sweating. Everywhere I go I have to have my towel with me otherwise I drip where ever I go. Even in my apartment, if I don't have a fan directly on me I create little Elder Eads puddles. The humidity is through the roof. It's great! (mission rules say i cant say anything negative about my area) therefore it is great. :)

Despite the weather this past week has been tough. More people have dropped than we have gained. Elder Gehrig and I were just discussing how it gets very frustrating  when we do all we think we can like talking to everyone in our path, get numbers from those people and they do not want anything to do with us. I have never shaken so many hands in my life and yet people don't seem to be interested in our message. I think it is no coincidence that one Christ-like attribute that we are studying is patience. I know patience is not a passive submission to your situation thinking you can just "wait it out" but it is a proactive attribute, doing all you can to achieve the results you desire.

I wish I had more to report but this period seems to be quite the magnifying phase.

In other fun news I had my first meal of 보싱탕 or 영양탕 provided by a member of my ward. I know most of you cannot read Korean therefore 보싱탕 and 영양탕 is simply dog meat. Ella would not be proud that I ate one of her friends but I will say that it tasted OK in my opinion. The member gave specifically me sooo much of it. (My companion Elder Gehrig hates dog). I had it in the soup as well as right off the bone. It was definitely  interesting because the under layer of skin was still on the meat.

Another member took all the missionaries out for kim-chi chi geh or 김치치개. It was sooo delicious.

This is NOT the dog that I ate but a very funny thing that I saw on the street this past week.

In Korea we cut the food with scissors!  Genius!

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