Elder Joseph Eads

Elder Joseph Eads

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I am so busy I forgot about the fourth...

So believe it or not, Korea makes you forget about American holidays. Although the American elders in my district did some American things. For example I had my first experience at McDonald's in Korea. It was also my first hamburger in Korea as well. Because I eat crazy healthy here in Korea (I have lost about 12 kg of fat, I am currently 102 kg) the burger did not settle very well with me and I realized that paying about 6,000 won for a big mac when I could buy something for half that price for twice as much food, McDonald's is no longer worth it. It was a bittersweet realization. 

In other news, I have never been so busy. We have a lesson everyday about and talk to everyone here on the streets of Korea. Interestingly, our potential investigators take us to a near by coffee shop. I have been there many times. Of course we only drink juice but I personally think its interesting seeing two missionaries at a coffee shop. 

I personally love Korea. I see reasons everyday why I have been called to serve here. This service is a lot bigger than I am. I realize that more and more everyday. 

All my love,

Elder Eads

Fourth of July salute for the American Elders

Companionship study?

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Sometimes I am a little to large for Korea
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