Elder Joseph Eads

Elder Joseph Eads

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I Am No Longer Considered A Greenie

Hello family and friends,

This is now my third transfer in country. Time is flying by! Some things are still the same...Korean is still super hard, Korean summers are still super hot and I still sweat all the time. BUT some things that are new however... I am in a new area called 금천 (geumjeong)- this area is absolutely wonderful accept for this gigantic hill that we have to climb up and down everyday from our apartment. I have a new companion, Elder Gehrig. He is a full blood German stud through thick and thin. He speaks English better than I do and has an awesome German accent. He knows four languages; German (of course), English, Latin and Korean! He goes home in three transfers so I might be able to see him off. I would love that. I am also the biggest companion by far he has ever had- go figure.

The coolest thing that is new is the investigator that I have inherited. His name is 진영수 (Jin young soo). Elder Gehrig started meeting with him at the beginning of May so for about two months. This extremely intelligent man has read all the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, seen all Mormon messages, True to the Faith book and many other church stuff that I can't remember at this time. He has read all of this in the past few months...

The best thing is he has the desire to be baptized and knows that he needs to...however... he has been praying day and night for an answer on whether or not he is ready to step into the covenant of baptism. Elder Gehrig and I both agree it is not a matter of if he gets baptized, it is a mater of when. I have never met a man like him before. He is incredible!

This is my studly German companion Elder Gehrig. He reminds me a lot of my brother Brian

I will have to see this when I get back!

I enjoy hugging inflatable Penguins.

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