Elder Joseph Eads

Elder Joseph Eads

Sunday, March 1, 2015

32 days till KOREA!

This past week has been absolutely awesome! 

Native Korean missionaries arrived on Monday and they are so much fun to be around because as they help us with our Korean speaking capabilities, we help them with their English. Its a win win situation right? The other Zone leader, Sister trainer leader (basically meaning the top leader for Sister Missionaries) and I were in charge of the new MTC missionary orientation. This was quite the challenge because we can't speak Korean very well and they only understand so much English. Hopefully they got the jist of it. I have been learning about all different kinds of Korean ways such as giving and receiving anything with two hands. Also after hugging a native Korean elder and touching his head, my teacher told me after the fact that that is considered extremely disrespectful and i had no idea. 

Here at the MTC we do a lot of "staged" teaching where either our teacher takes the role of a person wanting to know more about our church or we meet with a member through a program called Teaching Resource Center (TRC). We teach two twenty minutes lessons to members in Korean and it gets really interesting. This past Friday, on our second teaching appointment, there were two Korean women. One of them was a LDS member and her friend was not...The non-member's name translates to "movie" in Korean. I thought that was funny as did her friend. This rarely happens when we get to teach someone who already isn't a member nor did my companion and I know it was going to happen. I was so excited because this was the first time I get to fulfill my purpose as a missionary and actually teach someone who wants to know more. I taught the lesson on how the Book of Mormon is considered the keystone of our religion. The lesson went amazing! The coolest part was asking the nonmember to give the closing prayer of our lesson. It was beautiful.... the spirit was so strong and I have never pleaded with my Heavenly Father more than I did during that time to allow her to feel His love and concern for her. Before we left we all took a whole bunch of silly groupies (group selfies) and left all having smiles on our faces. That was an experience I'll never forget. God loves His children and wants them to learn of Him. Always seek Him in times of trial or strife. 

I love you all! Thank you for your support and letters. I love receiving letters from dearelder.com because I get to read them the day you send it. Thank you so much!

Elder Huckvale at the map.

Elder Schilling got Cafe Rio mailed to him.

Elder Huckvale, Sis Gardner our instructor, & Elder Eads

There a was standing jump challenge that I beat. I don't know how longIi jumped but it was fun :)

This is me doing service at the MTC cafeteria
My bed.

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