Elder Joseph Eads

Elder Joseph Eads

Thursday, March 12, 2015

18 more days left till I fly to Korea but who's counting?- I am!

I hope all of you are doing great. I love getting mail and other sorts of letters from all of you. It is such an energy booster hearing about the "outside world" because here at the MTC I don't have a cell phone or free time to surf the web. Therefore I know nothing. 

I am feeling so much better now, the illness was short lived, except last Friday I started feeling really bad again and literally completely lost my voice. It was hard teaching but it kinda made me sound more emotional than I actually was which I guess is a good thing.

Interesting things are starting to happen. My language capabilities have really improved. I would say I am almost proficient. Last Monday the "older" Elders and Sister missionaries left for Korea making me the Senior Zone leader who is now expected to know everything and how to do everything. It gets stressful at times especially when new missionaries arrive but none the less its great and I love it. 

Normally at this time my companion and I would start doing "Skype Session Lessons" where we would teach lessons in Korean via Skype. However, the investigator that I talked about in my last email, Sister Yunhwa has requested my companion andIi specifically to continue teaching her about our Church and Jesus Christ. This was wonderful news to Elder Huckvale and I. I am so thankful that we can actually have an impact on someone while here at the MTC. We teach her tomorrow so hopefully we can continue the fire that we have always had. 

Below is some photos of the Native Korean missionaries. This was taken the last day before they left. The have never seen someone so tall as I in their life therefore I decided to pick them up.

As always I love hearing what you have to say through Dearelder.com. Its really easy to do.

Thank you and I love you all!!!

Me trying seaweed strips.

What happens when you get a little down time to watch a church movie.

Sis Paulson use to live in my ward in Maryland and new me as a baby, now she cuts hair at the M T C!

I accidentally left my camera in the room where the Sisters have RS, before it started they had a little fun with my camera

This is Sis Bell, I know her from BYU Hawaii where we had our Pre Mission class together.

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