Elder Joseph Eads

Elder Joseph Eads

Thursday, March 19, 2015

But who's counting...

The weeks go by so fast and yet so slow. Thank you everyone for thinking about me and asking about my illness.  Even an illness can be a blessing here. That day that I was sick and the Thursday after I have never felt so much love from my fellow Elders and Sisters. Everyone had a genuine concern for my well-being and was willingly to do anything they could to make me more comfortable. This made me think back to our Savior by how He is always concerned for our well-being and always genuinely cares about us.  I personally felt the prayers said in my behalf from all of Elders and Sisters as well as all of you.

I get evaluated a lot here and one of my personal goals is to eliminate "you guys" from my vocabulary when speaking. I am learning so much here.  It has been an absolute honor to see our Elders and Sisters grow in the gospel as well as the language. I am consistently impressed with their progression and the Lord's hand in their lives. I am thankful for this opportunity to serve.

The Elders and Sister that I serve with are outstanding. Their strengths could be described as focused, loving and determined. This week especially, I have seen a greater effort towards our focus more than I ever have before. There are several reasons this could have happened. One being we have accepted the fact,  that if we want to receive the gift of tongues or any other blessing we first must be strictly obedient to what is expected of us. Through our obedience we allow Heavenly Father to bless us according to our faith. This was a mutual goal as a zone for a while and I am ecstatic to see a great amount of improvement.

 We received seven wonderful new missionaries. We had a wonderful new missionary orientation. This was lead out by Sister Jones/Hatch, Elder Martin and I. It became instantly obvious that we have a powerful new district before us. I could literally feel the excitement in the air last Wednesday morning anticipating their arrival. We as a zone showed many outward expressions of love towards them such as making personal placards with their name on the room they would be assigned at the residence.  Love is one strength of the zone that I am consistently impressed with. We are all really focused because as of right now, more than half of the zone will be leaving to their individual missions in 10 days (but who's counting?) and have made an effort to double their workload from what we were doing a few weeks ago. 

 I was extremely excited for our TRC lesson. While the rest of my district was doing a Skype session, Elder Huckvale and I were able to continue to teach Sister Yunhwa (non-member investigating the church) as it was requested by her. Throughout the week I was constantly thinking about her and her needs everywhere and anywhere. I have never consistently prayed for someone that I have only met with three times. I know that what we taught her can and will bless her life in ways that at this moment she cannot comprehend and in ways that she will later on.  It was a great experience. The effect that she has had on me and my prayers I will never forget. I am so grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow through the Spirit.

On Tuesday we were challenged to double our current language goals. I have reviewed my language goals and have made the change.  Boy is it tough but exciting.

Thank you for all the emails and letters.  We have too many sweets here so don't feel like you have to send any more.  I have gained a few too many pounds here at the MTC.
Elder Eads

This is Sister Dixon. (Standing next to me) A girl who I was really good friends with at BYU hawaii

Classroom antics, wearing Sis. Jones' glasses.

These are the boys in the classroom

This is the best letter from a girl I have ever gotten!  : ) Madelynn (my niece) sent me this.
 I absolutely loved it!!!! She is so sweet

Thanks Mom!  We are saving this for out last day here!

Elder McGargle made a chess board out of the stuff he found around the residence halls.
 We played a great game this morning where he was ahead the whole time,
 then he made a few unfortunate mistakes and I then prevailed!!! 

 This is the cat shirt my friend Zach gave me for my birthday before I left.  I wear it all the time and then there is another Sister who has a cat shirt for every day of the week so we just had to take a picture

This is how I imagine myself proselyting in Korea hahaha
Korean Elders push up train.

This is for you Mom!

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