Elder Joseph Eads

Elder Joseph Eads

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all those mothers and I guess future mothers!

Earlier today I had the wonderful opportunity to skype my beautiful mother. As a missionary I can skype home twice a year. Once on Mother's Day and the other on Christmas. The forty minutes that I had to see my my mom and her face and hear her voice will keep me going through the hard times here until Christmas when I get to see her again!

I want to use this email to express thanks to my mother. 

This wonderful woman that I call my mother has been an indescribable blessing in my life. Me being 10.7 lbs. she gave birth to me while recently breaking her back. The more amazing part is that I haven't stopped being a pain in her back and she still loves me! :) 

Through the thick and thin she has always loved me. I can never deny that. There are many wonderful mothers in this world, maybe some of them are even considered 'perfect' mothers. My mother isn't a perfect mother; but I know she is the perfect mother for me. 

There is not any other person that I think about more than her on a daily basis. I'm a mamma's boy and I am not afraid to admit it! 

Thanks mom! I love you so much!

Saturday was a baptism scheduled for one of the ward's 8-year old girls. We invited Brother Park to the baptism and he came. Brother Park has an approaching baptism for himself in a few weeks. After he watched the ordinance of baptism take place he took about ten minutes to himself where I saw him pray to his Heavenly Father. In this recent week after accepting the challenge to read the book of Mormon everyday, he says that he knows its basically just a history book but every time he reads he gets this feeling of electricity throughout his body. He knows this is the spirit. Also for the baptism, all six missionaries in the ward were asked to do a number. We chose to sing I Feel My Saviors Love. The spirit was so strong as we sang. After we were done singing, I went to go back and sit next to Brother Park and as I did so I saw tears in his eyes. I knew at that moment he felt his Savior's love for him and that through Him and could forgive and experience the joy that I feel from the gospel each day. 

I wish you could have been there and experienced that power behind what was happening. This gospel is so much more than getting people baptized. This gospel gives all people the opportunity to find lasting and eternal happiness through the atonement of Jesus Christ.

Elder Eads on Skype!  It was awesome

Sisters, niece,  nephews, Mom and Dad talking with Joe!

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