Elder Joseph Eads

Elder Joseph Eads

Monday, May 25, 2015

The fastest week of my life...

Hello family and friends,

I going to quote one of the other elders in my district to describe how I am feel towards this past week.

"I am literally disgusted that is it already Monday" meaning this week has flown by. From 6:00 am to 10:30 pm you can guarantee that I am doing something productive. I don't remember what waking up from naps feels like.

So much has happened in the past two days. Saturday was Brother Park's baptismal interview. We have a plan set in for him to receive baptism two weeks from now. How exciting! While talking with the zone leaders I said that I thought it was amazing that I was able to teach all 5 missionary lessons while still being a greenie. He responded, "that's literally unheard of in this mission." 

After the interview Park, Elder Barton and I all played ping pong. Playing ping pong after all of our lessons has really become the trend. It is such a great way to connect with our investigators. I have gotten really good at it as well. I won three times total against Elder Barton and Brother Park. :)

Saturday night is one night I will never forget. Just like in Polynesian culture, Korean culture really sees a child's first birthday as a HUGE deal. That being said, two members invited us six missionaries to their child's party which was being catered at the nicest Asian buffet I have ever seen. This place blows Golden Corral out of the water. 
The presentation of the birthday was very interesting. The parents and the child were front and center and on a platter in front of the child was various objects that signified different things predicting the future such as small bow and arrow signifying future athletic ability. Other objects were money, college degree and something that signified good lasting health. The baby chose the future intelligence symbol which is very fitting to the culture. So apparently at these kind of celebrations the guests also receive gifts. The host, who was a really heavy set Korean male in a bright pink suit, asked the question, "Who lives the farthest away from here?". Inevitably he comes straight over to the table where the only four white people in the room are sitting. He asked me where I came from and I said, "Maryland!", which is 11 hours behind Korea, literally almost the other side of the world. After I said where I am from he asks, "Can anybody beat that?". Nobody apparently could and all the sudden I am handed a huge beautifully wrapped present. I love these parties! 

In other news I gave my first talk in sacrament meeting. It was so much fun to prepare for. Obviously it was in Korean and I also needed to have it be in high form. The topic was Walking in the Savior's Footsteps. Three of our investigators showed up to church. The other elders investigator also showed up to church. This man is not exactly sane. They met him on the street and invited him to church. When they met him on the street he was wearing a bright red dress. He showed up to church in that same attire. The look on the members faces was something I will never forget. 

As you can see I have a lot of fun here in Korea. If only I had more time to tell you about it but there are places to go and people to talk to. Thank you all for your support. I JUST LOVE YA ALL!

Peek outside my apartment

Birthday Party

Birthday Party with announcer

Four Elders went to a birthday party

Where birthday party was held

Gift that I won for being the furthest person to come to the party!

Symphony Hall where we heard BYU Symphony play

Beautiful inside the hall


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