Elder Joseph Eads

Elder Joseph Eads

Monday, August 24, 2015

Running Trials

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Elder Meeks and I go running for about 30 minutes. We run at least 4 kilometers or so in this very mountainous area with many hills. When I first started running this track it was hard and I thought I was going to die while trying to keep up with the rest of my district. At the end of the first run I was exhausted and collapsed on the floor for the next 15 minutes making a huge Joe puddle where I was laying. I feared the  coming day that we would run again.

As sure as day comes after night, it was time to run again You could say I was less than excited about this great exercise experience I was about to have with my district.  I was so tired after all the other times and felt like I would die during the runs but nonetheless, I pressed forward.  This time it felt different, I knew I could do it.  I had done it before, I had made it through and I knew I could do it again.  I had overcome that difficult trial, even with it being so hard.

We all have trials that seem to bring us to our breaking points, or so it seems. At the beginning of our trials we fail to realize who has taken upon Himself every trial that we will experience in this life for the pure benefit of us.  Jesus Christ experienced unimaginable pain and suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane. He overcame each hardship for me and for you so that we will never be alone in our darkest of times.  We will never be faced with a challenge we cannot over come if we turn to Him, realize His love and sacrifice  for us and seek Him through prayer, repentance, and knowledge of our Savior.

Since that run I have continued to challenge myself each week.  I no longer return feeling "close to death" and exhausted, but energized, uplifted and ready to take on even greater distances in the future!  It is great!

Thursday was a  temple P-day!  I always enjoy that and while many times they can speak in English I asked them to speak in Korean. They spoke so fast and used such proper Korean I had a hard time keeping up.  However I did have this one experience recently where I understood Korean perfectly. two days ago we were in Daiso which is like a posh dollar store. This woman says very loudly to her friend across the store in Korean, "Hey I see a really tall foreigner!". I turn around and looked right at her and while laughing  I say (in Korean), "Thank you, I am exactly two meters tall." Her face goes blank, nervously laughs and walks away and says to me, "I didn't know that you speak Korean so well"

We also recently went and got fitted for suits.  You can get a new suit, measured, sewn and fitted for under $160 here.  The place where we had to get fitted was near a military base that has a lot of American restaurants.  We  enjoyed some delicious huge and juicy bacon and cheese hamburgers that day.  On another occasion Elder Gehrig and I were able to have pizza and American muffins  I like Korean food but a little taste of home was much appreciated.

Also I just wanted to pass this on, for those that may want to write me a letter.
starting 8/1, the Korea postal system will begin to implement a new ZIP code system. this only matters because if anyone wants to send a letter or package, it must be to the updated mission headquarters address. the new address is:
29, Wiryeseong-Daero 22 Gil
Seoul, Korea 05655

Thank you for all your love and support.  I miss and love you all so much.  I appreciate all the letters I receive.

Elder Eads

Elder Gehrig

Yes!  Pizza!

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